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automatic dough mixing machine /Dough mixer

automatic dough mixing machine 
  • AHMJ-25


  • 20231205

Product Description

automatic dough mixer machine 

Dough mixer is the main equipment for pasta processing. It is mainly used to mix wheat flour and water at a ratio of 1:0.38-0.45 to make dough according to the user's processing requirements (sometimes adding oil, sugar and other food and food additives). It is widely used in pasta processing in canteens, restaurants and pasta processing units. The dough mixer is mainly composed of a frame, a noodle bucket, a main turbine box, a tipping bucket turbine box, and an electric control part. The turbine box adopts a closed structure, which effectively guarantees the installation accuracy, makes the parts fully lubricated, increases the service life and reduces the occurrence of failures. The automatic tipping mechanism is replaced by a turbine box drive, which reduces the noise of the tipping bucket. The agitator adopts axial positioning and end face sealing structure, which solves the problems of axial movement of the agitator and blackening of the end face. The built-in structure of the motor is adopted, and the turbine is directly connected with the stirring shaft, which reduces power loss. The machine is simple in structure and beautiful in appearance. It is an ideal supporting equipment for large and medium-sized catering units and pasta manufacturers.

working principle :

 The flour is evenly mixed with water under the agitation of the mixer. First, irregular small granules in a colloidal state are formed, and then the small granules are bonded to each other, gradually forming some scattered large clumps, and the dough is continuously sheared by the mixer. , folding, calendering, stretching and softening, etc., and make an ideal dough with smooth surface, certain elasticity, toughness and extension.

model capacity motor machine speed machine size machine weight
AHMJ-15 15kg/time 1.5kw/220v 33r/min 690*425*865mm 100kg
AHMJ-25 25kg/time 2.2kw/220v 33r/min 870*550*880mm 120kg
AHMJ-50 50kg/time 2.5kw/380v 33r/min 1100*600*1050mm 150kg
AHMJ-75 75kg/time 3.0kw/380v 33r/min 1200*620*1200mm 200kg
AHMJ-100 100kg/time 4kw/380v 33r/min 1360*650*1300mm 250kg
AHMJ-200 150kg/time 7.5kw/380v 33r/min 1500*770*1560mm 350kg
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