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hardware screw counting packing machine

nail screw counting and packing machine 
  • ASL-320-2

  • Aslan machinery

  • 2023121506

Product Description

SUS accessories hardware screw packing machine

Application of nail screw packing machine:

Suitable for rapid packaging for single and irregular materials.For example, screws, nut, gasket, bearings, plastic parts, furniture accessories, toy accessories.

widely used in many industires,such as:Hardware industry, fastener industry, industry standard parts, metal stamping parts, rubber, rubber and plastic industry, lighting industry, electronic industry, decorative accessories, doors and Windows accessories, furniture, cabinet hardware accessories, communications equipment accessories, accessories railway highway equipment, antenna hardware accessories, home appliance hardware accessories, sofa hardware accessories, fitness equipment accessories, monitoring equipment accessories, bicycle parts, auto parts, sanitary toilet hardware fittings, solar accessories, all kinds of electrical accessories, household appliances accessories, chest hutch defends equipment accessories, accessories such as small metal products.

Technical features of screw nut packing machine:
1. High speed packaging, two vibration plate  + double hopper chute
2. Accurate counting, counting area optical fibers, 1000 screw, packaging 2000 bags,only one bag of error
3. The bipolar control, with high speed and accuracy of packing
4. Fine workmanship, durable equipment
5. Humanization design, excellent man-machine communication, pay attention to the user experience
6. Continue to upgrade, according to customer more demand.

Technical parameters of screw packing machine:

Model ASL- 320-2
bag shape back sealing
sealing line straight grain
longitudinal seal texture strainght grain
incision form tooth cut
film width max.320mm
film thickness 5-13c
sealing width 8-10mm
Bag length 80-170mm adjustable
bag width 60-150mm replacement of bag former for different width
capacity 50bags /minutes
power 2000w
overal dimension 1500*800*1550mm
weight 280kg
packing materials composite membrane materials,aluminum foil
seal type three sides,four sides,back sealing

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